Harvest of Hope Foundation – About Us – Proudly Supporting Migrant Workers For Over 80 Years!

The Harvest of Hope Foundation was established in 1997 to raise funds exclusively for migrant farm worker individuals and families.

As of September 27, 2007, the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed over $582,000 to migrant farm workers and families around the country for repairs to vehicles, housing, utilities, medical services and bills, food, clothing, funeral expenses and tuition for migrant students attending college. In addition, the Foundation has issued small grants to migrant-related support service organizations.

Federal, state and other public aid to migrant farm workers has become increasingly restrictive, and, in many cases, not available at all. The Harvest of Hope Foundation has been called upon to fill in the gaps in service to this most hard-working and deserving, yet needy group of laborers.

I established in the Harvest of Hope Foundation through an inheritance from my grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand – a long time social worker and advocate for the indigent. Private donations fund the endowment of the Foundation as well as the emergency fund.

See our most recent report outlining sample Foundation expenditures.

Your interest and donations are very much appreciated.


Philip Kellerman, President