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Do you know of migrant students and other students interested in college and post-secondary education but need financial and scholarship help?The problem most students face is properly organizing the necessary materials to apply for these scholarships.

Florida migrant advocate, June McBride, has helped migrant students in Orange County, Florida, to garner more than $800,000 in scholarships. Based on her experiences, June has produced the Path to Scholarships workbook which contains a simple organizational portfolio method, reproducible worksheets and directional guides.

Path to Scholarships® is a academic program that: motivates ALL students to dare to dream great dreams, plants the seed of hope within students, gives students self-confidence and courage to seek a better future, challenges students to set goals that stretch them, inspires students to discover life purpose, guides students to turn obstacles into character and strength, teaches the value of hard work through the scholarship process, and empowers all students with the tools to successfully reach their dreams!

Path to Scholarships┬« is an organized academic curriculum with student workbooks in English and Spanish and a Path to Scholarships┬« Teacher’s Curriculum Guide which incorporates metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective learning strategies. It has been aligned to Florida, Texas, and California state standards and thus facilitates the implementation of the reading and writing benchmarks of Florida’s Sunshine State Standards Grades 9-12, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Reading and Writing Grades 9-12, and the California Content Standards, English Language Arts, Grades 9-12 within an English class, ESL class, elective course, after school program or summer program.

Please be sure to check-out Path to Scholarships’ Academic Workbooks and Resources that can be found here.

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