Florida has a well established and extensive cultural tradition which is both the reason for migration to the state and the reason for translation. Florida is also home to large numbers of immigrants and their families. Therefore, it has become necessary for businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities to deal with the cultural diversity in its workforce by hiring competent Florida language translation and migration services.
The majority of Florida Immigrants come from Latin America, Asia, Africa and other countries. A high percentage of these immigrants come from Mexico, home to almost half of Florida’s population. To cater to the needs of these Latin American and Asian immigrants, translation and migration companies have been set up in the state to undertake projects for a better understanding of Florida culture and linguistic habits among the new arrivals. These companies undertake translation and interpretation projects related to education, healthcare, business and legal matters.
Education and healthcare are critical issues for Florida’s economy as most immigrants do not have much knowledge about jobs in Florida and the job market in Florida. Therefore, they migrate for a better job market. As part of their efforts to educate Florida’s large number of new migrants, the Florida State University has launched the Doctor of Immigration Studies (DIIS) program to increase the awareness of workers about migration and integration in Florida. The doctorate program teaches students the art of migration and adaptation in Florida and other foreign lands. Students have to research various subjects such as migration and integration theory, current legislation affecting immigrants, history of migration and adaptation in Florida, and many other related areas for this program. During the course, students will be taught different methods of communication used in various host cultures and learn the cultural nuances.
Migration and translation are also necessary to understand local business reality in Florida. Florida State University has recently launched the Online Migration Research Training Program to help migrate and develop English speaking professionals in areas off to grow and establish new businesses in the USA. The Online Migrations Research Training program trains non-native English speakers in core business principles to migrate and adapt to the US. Those who completed the program can find lucrative job opportunities in Florida. In addition, immigrants who have completed the program will understand and use the local language and customs, interact with local communities, and adapt to US society.
The University of Hong Kong offers courses on Chinese Immigration, Chinese Settlement-General and Chinese Settlement-Special. The Chinese Immigration course helps students acquire practical experience by working in a large Chinese community in the United States. They will also get an introduction to working in a professional environment and gain knowledge about language skills, negotiation skills, system administration, and managing a company from a Chinese perspective. Those who completed the Chinese Settlement-General will work in various fields as lawyers, accountants, government employees, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals. On the other hand, those who completed the Chinese Settlement-Special will work as consultants, translators, healthcare professionals, and education counsellors. These specialists will gain valuable knowledge and skills in dealing with both US and Chinese cultures.
Australia offers several migration programs for immigrants. The Skilled Immigration Program is designed to provide skilled workers with permanent residence in Australia. The Skilled Immigration Program also makes available the skills needed to sponsor spouses for a green card and visa applications. The Australian Federal Migration Offshore Scholarship Program provides study loans and financial assistance for higher education and specified employment in Australia. Those who successfully obtained Australian migration programs are eligible to apply for Australian immigration status.

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