The Conmoto Art & Music Festival Band Registration Fundraiser – Deadline to Register Oct. 31, 2010

The Conmoto Festival has always been serious about the culture of our community. That culture extends beyond just our expression through music and art, it is also about our commitment to taking care of the people that make up our community. The Conmoto Festival has always benefited organizations that help improve the lives of people in North Florida. To this end the 2010 Conmoto Music & Arts Festival is proud to announce the cause select for this year will be the Harvest of Hope Foundation. Yes, that’s right, Conmoto is partnering up with the organizers behind the successful annual Harvest of Hope Fest (aka HOH Fest) in neighboring St. Augustine, FL.

Visit the Official Conmoto web site at for line-up, news, and event details.


To submit your band’s registration to be considered to play the 2010 Conmoto, we’re asking each band to please donate $6 to the non profit charity Harvest of Hope Foundation in support of the people who harvest the food we all eat daily, migrant farmworkers.

STEP 1: Add customer information below.

STEP 2: Complete your PayPal payment check-out process. **Only upon the successful completion of your donation will you be able to access the secure band registration form.

STEP 3: Receive secure access to the Conmoto band registration form.

Tip: Please register your band quickly. If you are too slow, your web browser will boot you out of the registration process.

Sorry, No Donation, No Registration & please No Late Registrations will be accepted.

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