Corporate events can be of many types. Listed below are the most common types: Conferences, Offsite retreats, Shareholder meetings, Workshops, and Shared events. Choose the right type of corporate event for your business! Read on for more information. Whether you want to bring in a high-level speaker or a highly interactive event, these options are sure to be memorable for everyone involved! Below are some popular types of corporate events and their benefits.


Conferences are usually large gatherings based on a particular topic. They are primarily used to discuss new trends and opportunities within a particular industry. Conferences in India are generally held in hotels. These meetings are designed to promote collaboration, and reduce travel time to allow the participants to fully enjoy the conference. These events can be very helpful in branding and influencing external and internal parties. Listed below are some of the most common types of corporate events.

Offsite retreats

Offsite retreats are events held outside the office where employees and leaders get to relax, have fun, and develop their relationships. These events are often planned around a theme and include different games and tasks for each department. After the activities and speeches, the employees should have some time for reflection and free time to unwind. To add some fun and competitive spirit to the event, consider incorporating games for company retreats.

Shareholder meetings

This month’s calendar includes key shareholder meetings across a variety of industries. This month’s meeting season focuses on consumer spending, energy companies planning major moves, and the capital markets. The consumer staples and financials sectors are also hot topics this month. Twitter, the latest social media sensation, is a hot topic at these events. And, if all the above topics weren’t enough, there’s always the infamous ‘Twitter meetup’ – which is now a major part of the corporate world.


There are several types of corporate events. AGMs, or annual general meetings, are the most important, because they are an opportunity for the CEO to show the progress of the company and its plans. Planning an AGM is important so that everyone can attend. Alternatively, you can host a workshop, which will teach attendees new skills and motivate them to work together. A workshop can also help you to reach the goals of your company or product launch, such as getting new employees excited about the new product.

Year-end functions

There are many types of corporate events, ranging from tiny meetings to grand presentations and celebrations. These events allow companies to showcase their value and show appreciation for their employees and clients. In addition to these events, some companies will throw an AGM in which they can show off the company’s progress and future plans. Other types of corporate events are held to recognize team members, award winners, and to reward employees.

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